Giggles In The Library


‘The best laid plans of mice and men…’ So much for hanging up my pen for the summer! Since I have discovered the joy of writing sweet and short romance stories, I can’t seem to stop. The ideas just keep on showing up in my head, and then appearing on paper. From there they migrate to the computer for typing up, editing and proofreading. So far, I have completed three in the last seven days.
And we still haven’t been back to the cottage since we opened it up in May, mostly because of cool and wet weather, along with other commitments. But things are looking up for the coming week, weather wise. So maybe…
Before I forget, it’s time to load up your e-readers. Smashwords is running a promotion for the month of July with many books discounted from ‘free’ to 25, 50 or 75% off. Just make sure to include the discount code when you download. SW100 would indicate free, like this one:
Here’s an excerpt from Sweet Nothings – it got a five-star rating and the comment ‘This is a story in a minute and very enjoyable.’
Giggles In The Library:

Happy reading, everyone – and have a really great summer.


About Jean MacIntyre

I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada with my husband Don and our very spoiled (but very cute cat) Little Bud. In the past, i have had three main careers - firstly as a registered nurse, secondly as a farm insurance underwriter, and now (the most fun one) as an author. To date, i have published eleven books - two children's, three non-fiction, and six 'sweet' romances - the fun stuff!
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