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So – summer is almost over again, it’s 2014, and I have no idea where the time went. I wrote two chapters of a book about the two main characters in ‘Waiting…’ in the spring, but haven’t put pen to paper since. Having said that, I haven’t been idle either.
About two years ago, my grandnephew Myles (age seven at the time) saw a hard copy of one of the kids’ books that I had printed out and placed in the dentist’s office, and he expressed a desire to co-write a book with me. I was really excited by the prospect, so printed out a copy of the photos for ‘Rainbows Taste Yummy – Book Two, Veggies’ and sent it to him. He’s now nine, I met up with him at a family reunion, and he said he just had two more limericks to write. (The first bunch of limericks took him two years to write, so we aren’t holding our breath.) I took some photos of him for a bio page to be placed at the back of the book, along with mine. Can’t wait to see what he has written! What if he’s better at it than I am???
The past month has been a major lesson in frustration, perseverance and patience. I noticed that Smashwords was recommending ‘Box Sets’ of books with a pre-order option. Ready for a challenge and a process that very much resembled a puzzle, I began. The first box set is composed of ‘The Way It Was’ (my parents’ autobiography), ‘My Health, My Way’ (my experience with stage four cancer, healed without chemo or radiation), and ‘Huna: Your Power Tool For The Twenty-First Century’ (our experiences with the magic of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas). The other two are six of my romance novels.
As to the frustration – picture this: a file containing the entire text of three books, with a section about the author, and a list of other available books. The first page of the new book contains a table of contents, which must show up outside of the book for a couple of retailers. Each of the three books has its own table of contents with links to each chapter. All of these links have to lead to the correct chapter in the corresponding correct book. The software creates ‘hidden’ bookmarks each time a chapter is clicked to make sure it goes to the right place. All of these hidden bookmarks must be deleted one at a time – and there are many. Having finally created three box sets and had them approved was a major accomplishment, and I will never again forget how to do it properly the first time.
I’m sitting by the lake writing this, with a glass of Chardonnay, and now that it’s finished, I have a date with a fishing rod. (We got our limit of ten trout!)
More later –when I have something to say…

Variety Box Set – Non-Fiction
Box Set One – 3 Romance Novels
Box Set Two – 3 Romance Novels
These are available for pre-order and the prices are discounted.



About Jean MacIntyre

I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada with my husband Don and our very spoiled (but very cute cat) Little Bud. In the past, i have had three main careers - firstly as a registered nurse, secondly as a farm insurance underwriter, and now (the most fun one) as an author. To date, i have published eleven books - two children's, three non-fiction, and six 'sweet' romances - the fun stuff!
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