Finally, the ‘Waiting’ is over! I started writing this book in late October of 2013, but got sidetracked by many different things. When I picked it up again last month, the words came quite quickly. I knew all along what was happening in the story, but just couldn’t get it on paper.
This is a sweet, romantic fantasy, taking place partly on the earth plane and partly on the ‘other side’. The fantasy parts have been taken from reading I have done in the past, and from some of my own experiences. But some of the information came out of nowhere. One day I was sitting at the computer, thinking about all of my relatives who have gone over to the other side. An image of my maternal grandmother, Jenny, popped into my head, so perhaps she was telling me things I needed to know. I barely knew her – she passed away when I was only about five (many years ago!).
One year at Christmas, a psychic friend was visiting, and told me he saw me working with a grandmother figure, at my sewing machine. I forgot all about it until my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. As her condition progressed, one of my sisters gave her a life-like doll, and that became the whole focus of her attention. She had written in her biography that her proudest moments were when each of her eleven children was born, so the doll was another baby for her. From out of nowhere I had an idea to make the doll some clothes, which I did. It wasn’t until much later that I recalled what the psychic had said, and I also remembered that my grandmother had been a seamstress before she was married. It is really good to know that she is around and helping me.
When I was proofreading ‘Waiting…’ I realized that I would like to know what happens to Molly and Jeremy, and Joelle and Jonathon in their next incarnations. That would require writing two more books – and I had thought maybe it was time to retire from writing!
This book is free for the month of April and can be found here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/424237
Now I must go and feed the little fishes. They earn their keep by feeding our beds of lettuce in the aquaponics system my husband set up in the basement. There are four aquariums with nine trays of lettuce, Swiss chard, parsley, and spinach. Today I am planting basil, chives and oregano. It’s a real pleasure to go downstairs, pick the salad fixings, and walk back up again. The best part – knowing that the food we eat is organic. Now if the snow would just go away so we could put our little greenhouses outside and get the cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers started!
Enough said – until next time,



About Jean MacIntyre

I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada with my husband Don and our very spoiled (but very cute cat) Little Bud. In the past, i have had three main careers - firstly as a registered nurse, secondly as a farm insurance underwriter, and now (the most fun one) as an author. To date, i have published eleven books - two children's, three non-fiction, and six 'sweet' romances - the fun stuff!
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