Summer is gone, fall is rapidly disappearing, and Christmas is just around the corner. And what do I have to show for it? Not much! We had a few trips to the lake, caught some trout, took some photos and read a great many books. As far as writing goes – very little has been accomplished, except in my head. I took a few days and created a branding logo (image below), using a drawing of a dragon our son Steven (who appears on the cover of a Daddy For Robbie) had done when he was in high school. I just made a mirror image of the dragon and added the text. I love the way the two create a heart! Once the logo had been added to all book covers, I uploaded the revisions to Smashwords.


A few weeks ago I began working on my next project – a romantic fantasy. It takes place on the physical and the non-physical planes and I’m relying on my mother, who is on the other side now, to feed me the information I need. So far, she’s doing a great job. I had the first three chapters completed and was ready to start working on the fourth, when Little Bud (our cat) decided to take me for a walk around our yard. (He does that at every opportunity). Noticing a couple of dead hay stalks by a rock, I reached down, gave them a yank, and embedded a ¼ inch piece of dead straw deep in the pad of my right thumb.

I had no idea how important a thumb was until I felt the extreme pain every time I touched anything. My doctor, who is a really great fellow, was not anxious to cut open my thumb and start digging around in it, so I went on antibiotics for a week, and next visit he suggested I soak it in salt water several times a day. No change. Third visit, when I walked into the room, I said, “Get your scalpel.” He was still very reluctant to cut into it, but he gave in and froze my thumb. I told him where the straw was, he made the incision, and found it right there. His response – “I think I’ll go and buy a lottery ticket. This is my lucky day!”

So now – no more excuses. Time to get back to work. I would really like to get this one finished and published before Christmas is upon us. I have the cover created and ready – mainly because that’s even more fun than writing.

My books are available at Smashwords:

They are also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and more recently at FlipKart in India and Oyster in the U.S. Both of these are similar to Netflix with a monthly fee that allows a person to download and read as many books as they wish. Once I decide to quit writing I’ll be looking to join Oyster as soon as they are available in Canada.

Until next time, I’m signing off for now.



About Jean MacIntyre

I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada with my husband Don and our very spoiled (but very cute cat) Little Bud. In the past, i have had three main careers - firstly as a registered nurse, secondly as a farm insurance underwriter, and now (the most fun one) as an author. To date, i have published eleven books - two children's, three non-fiction, and six 'sweet' romances - the fun stuff!
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