Huna: Your Power Tool For The Twenty-First Century

This book was first compiled in 1985, was sent out to various traditional publishers, and rejected by all of them (something for which I am truly grateful now). It then sat on a shelf for twenty-six years, until I discovered Smashwords. Working together with my husband, it was updated, formatted, and finally published as an ebook.

I guess the most important thing I learned during our three years of study was how important our relationship with our subconscious is to us. The Kahunas refer to it as our low self, who works along with our middle self and high self. From studying Max Freedom Long’s books on the subject of Huna, I learned how to get in touch with my subconscious and work with it. Once a relationship was firmly established, through various means, the fun began. We were able to find parking spots where and when we wanted them, play with the weather, ‘grumble’ to others at a subconscious level to change situations to our advantage, heal ourselves, remember and analyze our dreams, and many other small ‘miracles’. This made our lives very exciting and a constant challenge to find out what was coming next.

The cover on this book is my version of a Huna magic staff or stick. I found it on a beach in Prince Edward County and was told by a trance medium that I could work with it to create magic. It is simply a tool to assist in focusing the mind, but entails a large commitment of time and effort so I haven’t done very much so far. The Kahunas made their staffs using the elements of animal, vegetable and mineral, so I did likewise. The stick is vegetable, the leather band around the neck is animal (a deer hide bracelet) and the mineral is not visible in the photo but consists of a separated twin Herkimer diamond, the largest part inserted in the middle eye position and the smaller one embedded in the tail. These sticks were used for healing, for communication, and many other things. Writing about this makes me want to take some time off, work with it and see what I can accomplish!

I have two children’s books to complete and another romance novel (only in my head so far) and then maybe I will take a sabbatical…

Time for some spring cleaning, gardening, and baking, so adios amigos until next time.


You can find this one here, where you can read the first twenty percent free:



About Jean MacIntyre

I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada with my husband Don and our very spoiled (but very cute cat) Little Bud. In the past, i have had three main careers - firstly as a registered nurse, secondly as a farm insurance underwriter, and now (the most fun one) as an author. To date, i have published eleven books - two children's, three non-fiction, and six 'sweet' romances - the fun stuff!
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